At Lumina, children learn differently

  • Small student-to-teacher ratio (8:1)
  • Explicit, multi-sensory, structured reading and writing
  • State of the art assistive technology 
  • Focus on individual strengths
  • Project-based, hands-on learning
  • Emphasis on arts and technology
  • Chromebook provided for each student
  • Recess and outdoor exploaration

Now enrolling children in grades 3-4, and are accepting inquiries for 1-2 and 5-8.

Dyslexia Assistive Technology School
If you notice my ability, you will see no disability.

— Alison L. Mead

Lumina students will be challenged and supported as they:

Dysgraphia Dyslexia Twice Exceptional School
Explore Strengths
Enjoy Art and Technology
  • Explore visual arts (two hours per week)
  • Problem solve during hands-on STEAM experiences
Explore Science and History
  • Enjoy project-based, collaborative learning
  • Have rich, audiovisual instruction
  • Develop critical thinking
Develop Metacognition
  • Know their individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop healthy strategies to stay on task
  • Know when and how to use assistive technology
  • Become a good self-advocate
Twice exceptional dyslexia dysgraphia gifted school attention  
Tackle the Tough Subjects
Strengthen Reading Skills
  • Receive small group explicit, structured, multi-sensory reading and writing instruction
  • Practice “eye reading”
  • Develop “ear reading” skills
  • Explore different types of literature
Practice Writing Skills
  • Learn simple cursive script
  • Use handwriting for short, everyday tasks
  • Learn to keyboard and/or use dictation
  • Use technology and proof-reading to produce polished work
Master Math
  • Use manipulatives to understand concepts
  • Work at their own pace to master skills
Recess-Finland schools-dyslexia-twice exceptional students
Play and Grow
Become Good Citizens
  • Demonstrate kindness, honesty, and respect to all
  • Show tolerance to others
  • Become involved in the local community
Stay Physically Fit
  • Play during recess
  • Participate in physical education three days weekly
  • Be encouraged to stand and work
  • Take movement breaks

Now Enrolling CHILDREN in GRADES 3-4.